Parrot Swing

Parrot Swing

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New entry dall'azienda francese Parrot, un velivolo che racchiude un Drone Multi rotore e un velivolo ad  ala fissa nello stesso tempo, brava Parrot!

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The stability of a quadricopter, the power of a plane.

Parrot Swing is the only minidrone allowing you to pilot a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It's also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode. With the Parrot Flypad controller, discover ultra precise control to pilot like a pro. Transform the sky into an unbelievable race track!


Enjoy a brand new dual piloting mode

Its unique X shape provides you with two drones in one. With an advanced flight controller and reliable sensors, Parrot Swing is the only plane minidrone with vertical take-off and landing. Sturdy and easy to grasp, nothing will stop you!

Perform the greatest aerobatic manoeuvres

In quadricopter mode, Parrot Swing piloting is so simple that even if you let go of the controls, it maintains surprising stability. The autopilot takes over. Climbing, descending, front and back flips: enjoy limitless thrills at the controls. Do you want more? The air acrobatics already programmed in are worthy of those performed by the best pilots in the world. Loop, half-spin or instant half-turn, these aerobatic manoeuvres combined with the speed of the Parrot SWING guarantee you strong sensations.

Gain Speed

Be the fastest among your friends. To gain speed, tilt your Parrot Swing! The more you lean, the faster you go. You can also activate Boost Mode to be even harder to catch. Go for it, slalom and avoid obstacles to get there first.

Ultra-precise piloting with parrot flypad

Parrot Flypad gives you the most precise control of your Parrot Swing drone and allows you to pilot it over a distance of up to 60m. With its mount adaptable to your smartphone, monitor the remaining battery power and flight time on your screen or change the control settings.


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